Shira shik shak shok

Orchestral version of Aziza , heavy on accordian. Enta Omri; Inta Omri [1, 3, 4, 7]. Synthesizer version on YouTube.

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Mid-Eastern and Mediterranean Dance Music: the Cliff Notes

Shimmydown Social sheet music. Zeina music recording by Alazifoon. Warda rendition on YouTube. Samir Tahar performance of Lama Bada Yatathana with display of music score. Ana Fi Intizarak Ana Fintizarak [1, 3, 6, 7].

Translation and transliteration on Shira. Good cane dance music.

Sheet music from local Shimmydown jam group. I'm Waiting For You: Dunav dancing to recorded music. Linda Linda ya Linda Recording Studio 9 rendition. Musical rendition on Youtubemusican unknown. Let me say a melody Which will charm the young and old And even let the branches sigh, Narcissus, jasmine and shki, And which will go from mouth to mouth To the Sahara plains.

Nancy Ajram rendition on Youtube.

No political overtones, just fun. Norits Karoun Yegav [8] Armenian folk song. Sheet Music from Carmine. Abdel Halim Hafez rendition on You Tube.

The all-instrumental introduction is what is commonly played for dancing. Umm Kulthum rendition on Youtube. Uskudara Giderkin Uskudara Gider Iken [1, 5, 6, 8]. Shimmydown Shirz sheet music. Uskup band rendition on YouTube.

Baladi, Malfuf, Maqsum Performance Videos and sheet music: George Wassouf live concert. Oud solo playing in background while the camera tracks a pen moving across the music score for the introduction. Orchestral version of Azizaheavy on accordian.

Luxor Mooca _ Isis _ shik shak shok nancy ajram bellydance 2

An Um Kulthum classic. Sulukule [8] Let us sneak this one in here. Amazing 2-minute flute improvised opening. Less challenging Oum Kultum songs that a wider range of dancers can do really well with: Keane and Tekbilek video. Slower Version used for a veil dance. From Biz of Bellydance group: Hijaz Rast and Hijaz Nahawand.

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