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We are ready to work with you on the test specification and deliver ready to use source files. Please specify your desired plan: Server and database monitoring You can setup the direct monitoring of the performance parameters, such as CPU, RAM or network usage and hundreds other counters.

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You now have two options for this: WAPT Pro will receive the data directly from the servers running the application being tested.

It can also use multiple connections to load page elements, while previous versions used only a single one. Specify the goals and let us design and run the test. You can download and install one of the tools to see how it fits your testing requirements before making the purchase decision. CRM system - a universal bank with broad range qapt products and services.

What's new in version 3. We provide 30 users with the most up-to-date and Full Version. Parameterization of file upload If your test includes one or more file upload requests, you can make different virtual users use different files.

WAPT - Load Testing Software Free Download

Upgrade your account now! What testing specialists say:. The products will be fully functional on your system during this time, except that the maximum number of virtual users will be limited to Please specify your desired plan: Now you can start designing your tests with the help of any browser and in any network configuration.

This demo clip shows step by step how to design a test with different types of virtual users, perform load testing of a web application, and interpret the test results.

WAPT Pro 3.0 released!

Parameterizes the form digest values in the headers and request parameters of SharePoint applications. We offer a lineup of components to address all technology requirements and scale the test volume up to 1M of concurrent virtual users. Parameterizes the form digest values in the headers and request parameters of SharePoint applications.

Tell us more about your project and we will provide wapg on software licenses and hardware configuration required to perform your load test. Accurate emulation is guaranteed.

WAPT Pro Download (Free trial) - rammandir.info

Works with the binary data inside the HTTP requests and responses. Net, Delphi, and other software development tools. The product is backed by a team of professionals with over 14 years of experience in load testing. The functionality of each module is restricted to 20 virtual users in the evaluation mode.

Cloud-ready solution Not only load agents, but the wspt component itself can be run in a virtual system or in oro cloud. You can now get more information from the tested servers with the help of the new predefined performance counters for Apache, IIS and other server tools.

Powerful load generation utility that can be used together with WAPT Pro to create 10, and more virtual users per system. If you already activated a plan for your account, it would be eliminated after purchasing a new one, and the new plan would replace the previous one. Login to submit comment Click here to login Note a user!? Need help creating a custom test for a website?

Aapt Lisitsyn January 15, at 1: Scripting is not required, but may be used to handle extraordinary complex cases. For those customers who look for high capacity load tests or fine tuning of complex test scenarios we offer the Pro version.

With more than 3' customers worldwide, WAPT is the well-known brand on the performance testing market. It is 3.00 for assigning tasks to each load agent and gathering test results.

Specify the goals and let us design and run the test. You can evaluate any of them along with the main product.

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