Shin lim shinanigens

Get ready to explore the world of visual sleight of hand magic tricks. Jul 31, Be the first to ask the question! This page was created in 0.

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Here is a little taste of the magic tricks you will discover: If you like colour change, buy this and stay away from the download. Aug 20, But when the magician pulls out the inverted playing card, he turns it around. I remeber that is Alex Pandrea idea. Mar 16, Messages: Shrim colour change again. RediSpades, The type of magic im really into is card magic.

Your name or email address: This page was created in 0. Magicians View the range. This one is so great and the working is easy.

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I'm fairly versed in card handling so this looks like it's right up my alley. I like color changes and im trying to learn some new productions.

Aug 21, That would be greatly appreciated thanks, Corey. Well the production of 4 aces is awesome. DVD's View the range.


However I have to get the DVD first. Books View the range. But I think he is honest. No angles to worry about. Here is the trailer for those that have not yet seen it: I posted my review on these in the lastest and greatest forum, here's the link: Pc's are better than macs My favour on this DVD.

Shinanigens by Shin Lim (Two Disc Set) - Magic Tricks DVD

Coming Soon View the range. Cardini Change workshop he taught a control which look like the one from vegas road trip. Aug 5, Palming workshop well, I don't know MR. Included in the DVD is a gimmick which will let you to execute the appearing deck.

This magic trick alone is easily worth the price of this DVD. I don't like this. Because I don't do the flourish move.

Here is the brief review of Shinanigens. Hello, I've tried to search for reviews on Shinanigens by Shin Lim and haven't had much success.

I don't know a ton about Shin Lim except that he is on the rise and winning awards left and right.

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