Shirtless Sam Merlotte Sam Trammell. Claudine and Claude - Faeries. Why is Sam constantly getting shit on? It is literally killing her to not be able to go to him.

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How can you blame her? Eric, Bill and Soocki in Rolling Stone. The best part of waking up is True Blood in your cup. True Blood Related Videos. Shirtless Stephen Moyer Bill Compton. His storyline is tragic right now. If this episode is any indication, this season is going to be amaze-balls. Come to think of it, this situation is awesome. By blooc Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies.

Their site - along with several other expert fan contributors! Lafayette, Sam, and Tara. Deborah Ann Woll - Allure photoshoot. I hope these two hug it out soon because I hate seeing Pam hurt. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. They are dedicated to putting a comedic and fun twist on all things fandom. The fact that Stephen Moyer directed trke. Claude Hooligans Poster 2. True Blood T5 - Ep.

True blood 6x01 -Bill tortures Jessica

She feels him tugging her to him and she starts spewing blood and writhing bloov in pain when Eric tries to stop her. True Blood Eric, Sook and Bill. Ryan Kwanten Shirtless Jason Stackhouse.

Claudine and Claude - Trje. True Blood Pop Quiz. Share your thoughts about this episode and your predictions for season six. Be the first to comment! New Season 3 Stills.

TV Lover: My Review of True Blood's 6x "Who Are You, Really?"

Shirtless Jason Stackhouse Ryan Kwanten. I already hate this Governor fellow. I will give you one thing, though, you 60x1 hesitant at first and got your gun out.

So, True Blood returned with a bang and it seems like all of our characters are in a world of trouble. Go ahead, challenge me.

Best line of the night…. Wet Alex Skarsgard Eric Northman. Speaking of Warlow, I need to know more!

Jessica new S4 photo. Apparently not only do you have flying capabilities, but you can liquefy yourself, get staked and not explode, and oh yeah-you can levitate shit.