Harsha bhogle iim ahmedabad speech

Omkar, You can click on the video section on top of this page to see more inspiring videos. The one video that everyone should definitely watch.. Brijesh September 26, ,

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And its not his experiences that is interesting, but the bhoogle he analyzed it and presented it. Subscribe to our Newsletter. I would like to share this with my team at work. Submit a new text post.

Its what you do with that talent that matters. As you might probably be knowing, Harsha Bhogle is a very popular Indian cricket commentator.

And I later discovered some of these dandy presenters never hung around with the crew. This is exclusive on brijux. As soon as the ball was bowled —and you can imagine how quickly the fast bowlers will bowl; on television, you have no idea of speed — he had to quickly move his camera to the batting crease to see a stumping, if a spinner is bowling, and then follow the ball and promptly come back to see if there is a chance of a run-out.

Hatsoff to you SIR. Geet Grover September 25,1: Conventional thinking Everybody is on their own timezone What does it feel like to do heroin? Pradeep, I am glad you liked bhhogle.

Thanks it is a major contribution to many of us seeking excellence. Check out the links on the FAQ page.

Inspiring Harsha Bhogle speech on 'Talent vs Attitude' at IIM Ahmedabad - Boring Feed

They [the crew] wore huge leather gloves with grease all over them. Brijesh October 1,4: SAju January 29, Follow this and this as a guideline. Hey Brijesh, Is there any link to down load this video?

Thanks a lot for sharing this, one of my role models, and always a pleasure listening to him! Bhogle emphasized the role that failure plays in making any man a success.

Talent Is The Most Useless Thing To Possess, Says Harsha Bhogle & He Makes So Much Sense

Brijesh March 1,3: And attitude and passion to perform count far, far more than ability. Get Rid of Your Limits: Avinash April 21,8: Hi Brijesh, Brilliant stuff, thank you for getting this video out, it really is very inspiring. In this video, Bhogle returns to IIM Ahmedabad to address a gathering that included professors whom taught him. He has a brother too? To me, THAT is excellence.

In his speech he always kept on referring to his father how he was petrified of himhis son how his is not petrified of himhis wife, his lost hair and age it was just like a warm up to make the atmosphere lighter. The compiling and posting part took quiet some time, as bhoglee video was more than seventy minutes! Brijesh April 23, This is excellence as Harsha said!

It looks like an ordinary job but not when it is presented by his words.

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