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Pipe sizing and invert design processes can be done automatically to satisfy these constraints. Parameters such as max. This library of programs features the following capabilities: It will compute flows for rectangular, circular, pipe arch, elliptical, and other nonstandard shaped culverts. The user can also specify to match pipe inverts or soffits at each node.

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Dodson & Associates, Inc.

General Use Hydraulics Program. HYDRA automatically optimizes the design based on user input criteria and calculates any needed data. The output can be displayed in plots to aid in assessing hydroaclc performance of the culvert over the range of boundary conditions and the sensitivity of results to certain variables.

FlowMaster is a program for the design and analysis of pipes, ditches, open channels, weirs, orifices, and inlets. This module provides for inlet analysis and design throughout the network. With this option the model can automatically design a system based on constraint parameters provided by the user. This program calculates partial volumes of horizontal or sloping cylinders.

Pipe sizing and invert design processes can be done automatically to satisfy these constraints. Technical Support included with purchase of HydroCalc Hydraulics. Hydro Calc Hydraulics Version 2.

Dodson's Technical Support Policy. The model considers all gradually varied flow profiles: Features include unlimited number of jydrocalc drainage areas, time of concentration calculator, composite 'c' calculator, user definable IDF tables, analysis or design ability, ability to mix pipe and ditches throughout the analysis, ability to compute hydraulic gradeline for conveyance systems, and is compatible with WaterWorks and AutoWorks.

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The model assumes uniform flow and can account for supercritical and subcritical flow. This package includes four easy-to-use programs with accurate and widely-accepted methods of analyzing channels and culverts: Culvert analysis is done using FHWA methods for computing inlet and outlet control headwater elevations for specified flow rates.

This program computes the discharge capacity and just-full flow velocity of a wide variety of geometric pipe hydrocalv using the Manning equation. Hydroculvert performs culvert hydraulic calculations to determine water surface profiles through culverts based on culvert geometry data and boundary conditions.

It determines the flow rate in each pipe in the network, performing a step hydraulic analysis. The program uses weir hydraulics to model overtopping.

HY8 Culvert Analysis can be used to perform calculations for culvert analysis including independent and multiple barrel sizinghydrograph generation, hydrograph routing, roadway overtopping and outlet scour estimates.

CulvertMaster is a tool for designing and analyzing culvert systems. Given all of the appropriate data, HY8 will compute the culvert hydraulics hgdrocalc circular, rectangular, elliptical, arch and custom culverts using both imperial and metric units.

HYDRA includes collection system design features that allow you to simultaneously analyze existing hydraullics and design new pipes for storm and sanitary sewers. Level 2 Technical Support - All error messages and use of program questions that can be answered by our technical support or engineering staff from descriptive information provided with support request without having to review actual project files.

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Powerful plan and profile routines are included in Storm Sewers. The model provides additional design functionality through a constraint based design.

Technical Support is provided to "One Contact Person" per licensed copy. Other variables computed include normal and critical depth, flow velocity, Froude Number and channel capacity vs flow depth rating curves. HYDRA will also calculate construction costs on design pipes based on user input information on trench geometry, unit prices.

The program solves the 1D steady-state energy and continuity equations for upstream watersurface elevation given a discharge and a downstream water-surface elevation. Basic Support - Program installation and document viewing problems. The user can also specify to match pipe inverts or soffits at each node.

Once the input is completed, the storm sewer network can be automatically sized and located by invert elevations.

Water surface profiles for sub-critical flow in trapezoidal or circular channels are computed using the standard step method. Skip to content Ontario. The model is capable of analyzing multiple barrel sections with different shapes, sizes, materials, and inlets.

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