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There is no problem with the player detecting offline state,though, so e. Lots of features, runs smoothly and doesn't consume a lot of battery power. As for DLNA or other streaming technologies I am brutally honest, it is not planned - simply because I never use these features and there are other players that are specially designed for such purposes. Okay, let's move on. It would be great if you accept Bitcoin as payment.

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Cross platform Our player runs on more mobile platforms than any other audio player out there.

Quasar MX Lite

Each track has their own cover art, but it's only displayed correctly on the track view. This is what I've noticed so far. Thank you as well. Thank you all for your feedback and support!

Just today I also noticed another issue. Great work, amazing app! Keep up the good work! Pulling out the headset will pause the playback and will not leave you in an awkward situation. On the n I had some dbus scripts I used to control the music player in a number of ways, including from my PC.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It's just that "sorry" sounded haughtily.

This also means that there will be no pulley menus, because I find them way too limiting, and they don't work well with vertical list views. I would love to get feedback of beta testers that see crashing and the current beta version working on their devices. I second the previous message. Otherwise looks and works great. D thanx in advance.

Quasarmx nokia n8 download

Bass is clear and loud in total contrast to the stok player. Haha, that explains it.

Your suggestion is nice. To answer your question: I just reviewed what's up with your cover search engine, eviljazz, and I believe that you may want to consider using another sources, something more international and way more complete so it can find covers for anything, not just mainstream stuff. Thanks much for the app, it's solid. What do you think about use volume keys to changing songs?

Upgrade from an earlier version | Meteora Softworks

If you are experiencing problems with the upgrade process, please contact us at support meteorasoftworks. They were "told" to cease development, supposedly by Nokia, via email.

This issue doesn't occur with the default browser 2 Occasionally, QuasarMX seems to lose track of which track it was playing. The player has to be restarted unless this is intentional, if so, won't be very useful.

This main UI is the same on all supported platforms. Gapless Playback Our playback engine supports gapless playback out of the box.


I'll look into it. Perhaps check with pactl list sink-inputs which policy Nokia Drive has set? Keep up the good work. That particular flash didn't seem to agree with the phone.

Even us dumb folks like the pretty geeky phones! That is unfortunately not quqsarmx informative I am working on improving it, please bear with me.

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