Al di meola splendido hotel

Acoustic instruments are very prominent on much of this album and not only acoustic guitar but also acoustic bass, percussion and piano. Few strong songs are missed between plenty of very average or even worse. It reminds me professional mechanic work on German car factory:

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It's everything a good fusion song should be, technical and exciting, and full of twists and turns. And speaking of fogettable, there's the bland dinner music of the classic Spanish Eyes. In my opinion, there is no guitar player that plays similar to Al.

But they are less intense and less memorable, hottel are splendodo compositions on Splendido Hotel generally.

Isfahan has many pleasant interludes but I wish someone had just flicked the mute switch in the recording booth while smiling at Di Meola and giving him a big thumbs up saying: But at minute 1: First of all there was the flamenco firework in the best-seller "Elegant Gypsy", and secondly his mega-successful live album resulting from a summit meeting in San Francisco with Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin.

Al Di Meola's early works are so unique that whenever you knew the style, you can identify any other song you had never heard before - especially the way he plays the guitar. This huge mish-mash pot pourri of such distant styles is hltel directionless, purposeless and frankly more boring than anything else.

AL DI MEOLA Splendido Hotel reviews

If after trying hard you can find some formal oriental contest there, zero emotions are added. It's pity but things aren't much better when you go hootel.

It just seems to lack any soul. Di Meola sings lead vocals on this.

AL DI MEOLA — Splendido Hotel (review)

Technically superb, soulless, and sterile - collectors and fans only. This Speakers Corner LP was remastered using pure analogue components only, from the master tapes through to the cutting head. After the excitement of the first song, this is a good breather. A disco beat pumps behind a nicely played, but sort of bland melody.

Other sites in the MAC network: It is a very slick Pop tune with both male and female vocals. You can find there some light entertainment jazzy pieces as are played in your summer holiday dinner's restaurant near southern seaa strange synth-pop composition which is absolutely out of place theremore experiments mainly with light pop-synth-jazzy sound.

And to gain back your breath, Di Meola follows it with Splendido Sundancea Spanish acoustic duet with himself.

sllendido All royalties and mechanical rights have been paid. Silent Story In Her Eyes is more like what Di Meola has been recording for years, nice spanich guitars and a pleasant melody.


The song moves quite slowly and it gives a music very rich in textures and nuance. So while there is definitely some filler on this double album, there is still enough good material to earn it three stars.

Is it Al himself doing the male vocals? Elsewhere, it's pretty much a repeat of previous Al D outings, mola calculated, mathematical textbook exercises lacking in any real soul or passion, long on excessive speed guitar wankery and arbitrary start-stop stuff but VERY short on real musical substance.

This one does not let you down.

Splendido Hotel - Al Di Meola | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

The tempo is very slow and the mood is mellow. But bigger part of the album is eclectic collection of Album begins with perfect technique but pale melody and mathematically cold "Alien Chase On Arabian Desert".

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Yes, it's basically that kind of music. I Can Tell is one of those bland, light fusion pieces that record company executives love. Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 80 items. The playing is extremely fast and accomplished.

The electronic keyboards generally take a backseat if they are present at all.

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