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I certainly hope so. In a world ruled and even defined by hypocrisy, betrayal, cowardice and, above all, lies, Kosovo cannot be liberated. Quite why they fled to the Serbian Krajina and not to the rest of Serbia was never explained. A few months ago when I saw him in SF last time — his company was offering him k to move to SF and he was considering it briefly and then he decided not to go.

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Military Frontier was simply area under direct rule of Austrian state because of constant threat of Ottoman empire. You mean steeling their land and committing genocide just like the last time.

Stolen Kosovo () - IMDb

If you do not believe, just ask people from all other ex -YU republics. They also continuously complained also Bosnians - how Slovenians were not at all friendly, were kosoov, stingy etc -and that was not at all the case.

You imply that I lie or am too partisan to see the truth, that is not so. Nikola Tesla was from Krajina and he always maintained his Serbian ethnicity with pride as he did his Croatian birth.

That tells you how spineless and pathetic they otetk and how hard they have historically tried to kiss kkosovo ass and blend in. You ll never be as strong or independent as your future well being would require of you, and all that while in eternal struggle against us, which you cannot possibly win outside of Reich or the Empire winning it for you, which looks like wont be the case.

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They were tied with ropes to his car and died cruelly. That tells us all we need know about the current colonial status of Serbia and about the comprador nature of the regime in power in Belgrade. The lords of the world need more organs to survive another few kosobo years. This was years ago maybe 10 years ago — americans I know have wizened up since.

Oteto Kosovo

Primakov then ordered his pilot to make a u-turn over the Atlantic ocean and fly back to Russia. But let me suggest the following thought experiment. These were fully identified as Serb civilians. The prohibition for the destruction of the states is finish. Judge Kosovvo the pompous ass from UK showed himself to be a lackey of the Empire. He said he had a message for Yugoslavians — to forgive each other.

And that region they call Krajina was never ethnically Serbian, but they ethnically cleansed, killed and kicked out all non-Serbian people from that region and called it Serbian Krajina. Everything is serbian, everything belong to Serbs, we are all Serbs who lost their identity. If I wrote that I was born in Trebinje Serbia and they accepted that how stupid is that.

Microsoft also has offices in Belgrade my sister in law works there as a project manager and many other western firms. Serbia had lots of quislings who sold the country out for money. Because he did it — he was there working for CIA and doing that very criminality while we Yugoslavians believed everythign these psychopaths were telling us — because we did not understand how psychopaths work — they are charming and kosovp they are your best friends while turning everyone against you behind your back.

Kosovo will be liberated (UPDATED)

Similarly, I know the Germans will again attack Kosoo and then Russia. The Serbs from Croatia had different accents — kind of like people from NYC do compared to Americans from Chicago — but it was definitely the same language.

The tunnel was not for the civilians. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. They destroyed towns and villages.

Collecting signatures will, he said, start on the day of the otetto on February 16, and will be submitted to the Czech parliament.

There is price to pay for stupidity and pettiness. All sides were played…. The EU in turn was wrong-footed by Herr Genscher. No, your greatest defeat will come out of you burned down all the bridges leading to kozovo, your true salcation and a hope for some true peace and prosperity in this messy world we live in.

Kosovo proclaimed independence from Serbia inhaving de facto broken away in as a result of NATO's air war on Serbia.

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