Kompendium beneath the waves

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Lilly is probably my favourite track and has Angharad Brinn on vocals. The most spectacular addition, however, is the DVD with three kinds of audio variations: You can also buy vinyl versions of the album.

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Beneath The Waves by Kompendium. It's hard to believe that tge just a school teacher in daily life. Furthermore three music videos have been included to give the story more visual effects. Unlike Magenta the music isn't performed on keyboards, but on other instruments playing the same kind of musical parts.

Conceptually inspired, personal nostalgia about lost childhood via nostalgic prog sounds and great lyrics all delivered in a way we love! Schreiber go to album. In my opinion Beneath The Waves is a masterpiece that grabs you by the throat and just won't let go! Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved.

Kompendium : Beneath the Waves | Magenta

Central States Kompenfium by Mr. Drakkar Nowhere by Drakkar Nowhere. The soprano aria Shan Cothi adds even more depth and pain, as a foil to the male despondence.

Schreiber Another epic prog opus from the hardworking composer Rob Reed ex-Cyan, ex-Magenta - highly ambitious, featuring lots of renowned guest stars. The paintings by Geoff Taylor shine brightly.

It features some great and varied music and some great musicians. Personally I find it just too eclectic, spanning over too many different styles, and often jumping from one style to another instead of fusing them together into something new and interesting. Dogtown by Facing New York.

If you like Beneath The Waves, you may also like:. If you like Beneath The Waves, you may also like: With his bandmates in Magenta joining in as well as the likes of Steve Hackett, Nick Barrett, Mel Collins, and a range of other prog stalwarts from every decade from the s onwards, this excellent album is an interesting listen that is enough of a departure from the tried-and-true Magenta approach to feel like a distinctive project on its own, but meanders a little too much here and there to be a true classic.

Kompendium - Beneath The Waves-Elements (2Cd-'Btw' Companion)

Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from The symphonic orchestra does wonders with the main melody, elevating the progressive quotient to the highest standards, confirmed by the tremendous Latin chant courtesy of Synergy Vocals group and a swirly violin.

Once again, the stylish video does this piece even more justice, in its entire black and white kompenndium. First of all, a glorious CD packaging just like the old vinyl gatefold LPs of the 70s but smaller the vinyl option also exists!

Of course, if you are going to set your aim that high you need a strong group of musicians to assist in achieving that and Rob has pulled together an incredible bunch of people. Rob Reed of Magenta and Cyan fame is the leader of Kompendium, a project somewhat similar to Mandalaband.

Il Tempo E Giunto For the lyrics he asked his brother Steve, who also wrote the lyrics for Magenta in the past! The most spectacular addition, however, is the DVD with three kinds of audio bbeneath Just like the old vinyl gatefold LPs of the seventies, but smaller and with superb artwork done by Geoff Taylor, very detailed credits, lyrics, biographies and photos. Cocoon by Tiger Moth Tales.

He dared to come up with something that others are afraid to do nowadays. Hints of Enya, Oldfield and Beautiful World abound, an organic yet pulsating new age feel that rocks and breathes full-lunged, with a slithering Nick Barrett solo. Purchasable with gift card. Moment Of Clarity If you like Magenta, you may also like:

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