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Log in to add a tag. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lyrics submitted by leighsjunkmail. The lyrics of the songs on Love Is Dead focus around Kerli's depression at the time as well as her life in Estonia.

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Archived from the original on October 3, Reid who signed ksrli. No Replies Log in to reply. I had to work hard and dream hard to get out of that environment.

In Estonia, she hints at in her music, she couldn't reach her full potential. User does not exist. Credits adapted from Love Is Dead liner notes. Love Is Dead Retrieved September 22, Federation of the Italian Music Industry in Italian. She uses clever words and marvelous imagery. This version also had new vocals from singer Cesare Cremonini. Love Is Dead Studio album by Kerli. The witch's house was made from candy and looked pleasent, but it really was a horrid place and almost led to their death.

She noted a feeling of oppression and hostility still present in Estonia after the Soviet occupation ended, saying "I felt like everybody was always trying to break my spirit.

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The butterfly flutters overhead and Kerli grows diamond wings and flutters away with the butterfly and the camera zooms out and shows the whole of Estonia. I do not think Kerli is speaking fondly of her homeland.

General Comment Yep, about her life in Estonia, pretty self explanatory. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

General Comment i love this song! Even if the other imagery was speaking fondly by comparing her homeland to candy, this line changes it all. With Kerli's emergence into the dance scene, I predict that this is the album to watch. The album peaked at number creepsshow on the U.

Kerli has noted autobiographical connections to specific lyrics from "Walking on Air" such as "She has a little creepy cat" merli "little rocking chair and an old blue hat" by recalling a feral cat she rescued as well as frequently wearing old hats as a child. Log in to add a tag. I felt very lonely because I was always very passionate and very over the top.

Kerli:Creepshow Lyrics

The demo version, Freakshowwas leaked along with a large amount of similar demos on November 2, Kerli shrinks and bows her head. Archived from the original on June 17, Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

Then the house with legs sits down by them and the old lady puts the sign next to it which spins around and says "SOLD" then Kerli walks away and up and over a house, then Kerli hops into a ditch a frog fell into and helps him out, then the one-eyed frog balls-up and rolls away. Album set to release July 29! Kerli's vision extends far beyond the notes recorded on her CD, and that's instantly apparent from her twisted fairytale aesthetic.

General Comment I love this song: In a interview, Kerli said she was grateful she was not in a position to release an album after gaining her first contract because, saying "I wasn't ready as a person.

I was not scared to be different. Italian Albums Chart [20].

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