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Similar Apps Show More Some of the benefits of this technology: I am notresponsible for any misuse. The purpose of the app is educational to let the customers knowabout vulnerability of their own Access Point. Thisapplication provides even the newest Android user with a simplemethod to check their device for root administrator, superuser, orsu access.

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If you need help the fastest way to get it is at the Google Pluscommunity here: This feature was only available in version 4. It'll surround that element in an orangebox, after which you can move the selection tool around with thearrows at the bottom of the screen.

Use this app only with your own AP not to goagainst the law. They may also contain images that have been preloaded by yourbrowser or other apps on your device - even images of people youdon't know. SwitchMe allows you to log in and out of multiple user spaces just as you would on a desktop computer, with each account having its own system settings, apps and data.

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If you experience problems follow the instructionsbelow. Root Call Blocker 2. This is an application to create a shortcut, which comes from theopen source application anycut. This application is an BusyBox installer for Android. Multiple accounts online simultaneously on one mobile device. If you need a free,user-friendly root call and SMS blocking app, use our PrivatePlace, it shares many of this apps unique features: Uninstall Perfect Uninstaller 1.

Useit for local papers, web comics, site statistics, analytics,account information, forums, threads, inbox status, weather maps,stocks, pics of the day and even Facebook pages! I do not provide direct technical support for thisapp.

You will be warned ifavailable memory is low. NOTE - once you have saved a panel, it can be added as a widgetthrough the widget multi;le.

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Please note that this application is merely a dependency of thefull SU. Home Updated Categories Search. The app uses rewarded video ads -restoration of any discovered file or data is completely free ofcharge. But it should work for many withthe proper CSS corrections.

A simple to do list widget. This app even shows Linuxexecuting code on activating Boost.

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Journal scan is onlyavailable on EXT4 and derived file systems. You can still buy the unlocker to remove all ads and enablebackground scanning. Always use the latest version of SuperSu, with su request enabledon boot and no reauthentication.

Kids - Create a profile for the kids, with only the apps and access you feel comfortable with. If you areleft handed, that could be swapped in the settings. SwitchMe Multiple Accounts v2. WiFi Master Key - by wifi. Thisapplication provides even the newest Android user with a simplemethod to check their device for root administrator, superuser, orsu access.

You can even verify this app by testing thebenchmark score of each boost mode.

SwitchMe Multiple Accounts APK

This appwill not show ads for 2 days, you may permanently remove the adsfor a small fee. Available in 19 languages across countries andregions. Meta Widget can clip web content into dynamic, interactive widgets. All profiles and data will survive this reboot intact.

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