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Just updated it on my iPad Pro Thanks BeepStreet and Jarek for quick response. I also second the call for an Impaktor update: Anyway, great to see some activity on what is a very great sounding synth app….. App was already on iPad 4 updated works fine.

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March 7, at 9: Glad to read you! An old classic I recently reconnected with.

It now fixes the crash issue during app loading. Add a little Glide as icing on the cake!

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Just updated it on my iPad Pro Description "This really is the synth that keeps on giving! March 6, at 3: Virtual analogue synths are now all over the App Store, but this is one of the best. On a tangential note: I love the fact that the keys can be hidden when docking the effects section, so I have everything on one full screen while using a MIDI controller.

AUM - Audio Mixer. March 8, at 1: Thanks for the news sunirzer ever!

I cannot wait to quit writing this text and get back to playing, so I will leave you with: Thanks BeepStreet and Jarek for quick response. SuperSaw is a layered waveform consisting of multiple saw waves which are detuned to create an extremely full and epic sound.

I have often used Sunrizer in my hardware setup with my MPC. Cool you got my mail — thanks xunrizer the shout out John much appreciated: Sunrizef soft saturation on output. A lot of research has been done in order to achieve unheard warmth and clarity.

Modulation Two LFOs per voice. Thanks so much Leslie, i was beginning to think it was it was either me or my iPad that was on the blink!! Obviously a lot of love for this synth given the number of comments…. Sunrizer was built to perform and works perfectly with any MIDI keyboard or sequencer.

Hold button allows you to to keep notes sustaining until you play new notes. Which is why those same dedicated users will be both a bit surprised — but undoubtedly delighted as was ConfusedKitten who emailed me about the update this morning — to see v.

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The SuperSaw process essentially allows you to stack multiple saw waves, each detuned, to create a rich tone and, with 2 SuperSaw oscillators available, 7 saw waves per oscillator and multi-note polyphony, that can amount to a lot of sound.

Just a quick update on this problem… Got in touch with BeepStreet and got this reply: Thanks to carefully designed architecture and heavy usage of coprocessor it blurs the boundaries between iOs and hardware synthesizers. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Formant 2 - Favourite presets - New bank by Aural Imbalance - Support for microtuning - load scl and tun files - Bug fixes.

You should think of it more like a small step sequencer. Music App Blog Music app reviews, news and tutorials for the mobile music producer. Inspiration and intuition truly blend together in this jpad instrument.

Thanks to carefully designed architecture and heavy usage of coprocessor it blurs the boundaries between iOS and hardware synthesizers.

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