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By this point Mukto-Mona had become a fully fledged website, publishing on a broad range of subjects from a wide variety of contributors, including a host of new younger writers. This incident proves that even Facebook threats from figures as minor as Farabi work effectively in Bangladesh. Alleging that Rahman was linked to a radical Islamist party, he also said that he had threatened to kill a Muslim cleric. Female labour force participation slumps further.

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Haider, who had contributed to Mukto-Mona under a pseudonym, was dragged from his home and hacked to death by a gang of machete-wielding assailants in February Not a single girus in the Holy Books contain even one scientific term, like atom, electron, cloning, theory of relativity, uncertainty principle etc. A US citizen of Bangladeshi origin, Roy described himself on his Facebook page as an engineer by profession and a writer by passion. That certain laws of physics govern the progress of these celestial bodies, they could never comprehend.

Avijit Roy’s book publisher hacked to death in Dhaka

Roy, who moderated the website and spoke out against religious intolerance, was killed in a machete attack while he visited Dhaka in February. Ahmed and Giswasher along with six other expatriate Bangladeshis, would go on to form Mukto-Mona.

A picture that has been shared widely showed a blood covered Rafida Ahmed seeking help as her husband lay on the road. Your insurance policy can give the best loan! The writer had prepared a series of writing to to be published in April, but has now been released early after his death, reported Daily Mail.

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Avijit Roy's final article mentions death threats and 'Virus of Faith'

Inwhile studying for a PhD in software engineering in Singapore, Roy would spend hours in Bengali expat forums, discussing among others the prose of the secular humanist poet and philosopher Taslima Nasrin, exiled from Bangladesh in and the works of prominent American atheist philosopher Paul Kurtz. Friends say she was drawn to his writing. A prominent atheist thinker and a scientist from Atlanta, Dr Avijit Roy was also the founder of Mukto-Mona Free mind blog ,that spoke on secular thoughts in the Muslim -dominated country.

God controls these heavenly objects, they thought.

He will be murdered when he comes back. Another blogger, Washiqur Rahmantoo, was hacked to death in Dhaka in March. Alleging that Rahman was linked to a radical Islamist party, he also said that he had threatened to kill a Muslim cleric.

State finance ministers may recommend raising of threshold to Rs 75 lakh. Nay, they could never comprehend this, as they were familiar only with the sun rising in the east and then setting in the west; the rising of the moon at the onset of night.

Series of attacks on Bangladeshi writers - INTERNATIONAL - The Hindu

On a bicylce rickshaw returning home from a book fair, Roy and his wife, Rafida Ahmed were dragged out and attackedinjuring him fatefully and her grieviously. They fell in love and Roy left Singapore to live with her and her daughter from a previous marriage.

In one of his most poignant pieces, Roy wrote a tribute to Humayun Azadthe Bangladeshi academic and poet, after his death in Roy recounts how he was an admirer of Azad even before they met, the similarities in biswazher thinking on religion and how he lent support with his site when the academic was attacked. In reality, the contents of those primitive books reflected the sheer backwardness prevalent in the contemporary society; their thoughts, belief, hopes and despair; nothing more than that and nothing bisasher.

The next year another extremist group, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, waged a countrywide bombing on 17 Augustleading to growing intolerance against secular forces.

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He wrote about 10 books including Biswasher Virus Virus of Faithhis most well-known work. Friends say that Bonna has returned to the US after recovering from the injuries sustained during the attack on her bizwasher.

She is said to be grief-stricken but unavailable for comment. I love you so much, Dad.

Switch to Hindi Edition. Not just restricting himself to these attacks, he also mentioned Rev Michael Bray, an American minister who had been convicted of using biblical verses to defend his acts of terrorism - series of attacks on abortion clinic attacks in the s. It started originally as a small, closed Yahoo group but Roy transformed it into an open website by late The News Minute March 1, The visit had a profound impact on the young man in his third year of an engineering undergraduate degree.

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