Alcest souvenirs dun autre monde

I mean of course, there's still a tiny amount of black metal left over from their early days. Though, it is just as majestic as any black metal I've ever heard. Most of the melodies compliment each other and the bass in particular adds interesting takes on the rest of the music which differ from conventional harmonic paths. First of all, it's soft and shameless about it. The initial echoing piano melody is so powerful and unforgettable.

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The fact that most people desire nothing more than mere contentedness presumably reflects this albums appeal. Don't expect some black metal orgy here, this is honest music. Blending the aesthetics of black metal, a genre known for its hateful misanthropy and morose, hellish atmospheres with shoegaze isn't an easy task, especially when you're the first band to do it, and yet they pull it off with such class that many bands still try to emulate and don't come near this level.

It wants so badly to be taken so deadly seriously; I can't do it. Musically, artistcally, atmosphericaly etc etc and it offers no reason to be moved by it, to be entertained by it, or like it for any reason at all, as it suffers in every reason to find any form of music enjoyment.

Shoegazeblackgazepost-rock. I like to hum to that tune a lot. The transitions between distorted and acoustic parts are still nothing more than a fadeout which kind of breaks the flow of the song; especially as most of the time the acoustic part is only there to introduce a new melodic thread.

Its the images and emotions this full-length conjures that makes it so special. It's an easily predictable album, after the first couple of songs you'll know exactly what you'll feel for the rest of the album.

The album is flawless and each song is great in every way.

Emerald Spring: Alcest’s “Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde” Turns 10

Troy Killjoy perfunctionist Posts: Souvenirs d'un autre monde certainly cannot be drawn into question over its innovation and creativity. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

The drums are put together very well. The bass is more dominant within moonde song than the xouvenirs. However, there is a certain charm about it, that you either sense or don't. So without further ado… Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde is not a very good album. That last song puts me on the floor wincing like Captain Kirk after being hit by some kind of Klingon pain ray.

Tags blackgaze blackgaze shoegaze post metal metal post-metal shoegaze Paris. I try not to let alcdst emotions take over me when I read negatives about Alcest because with so much hype before its release, people were bound to be disappointed with the outcome.

Slowly, somewhere around the release of their second album, that confusion evolved into outright scorn from more conservative black metal fans, only open to a limited spectrum of experimentation, as the genre gained in both popularity and influence.

Megadeth Rust In Peace. Retrieved from " https: Disappointment can only be achieved if you do.

As others have said the songs do sound alike, but everything is in the details, the subtle changes within the melody gives each song its own mood and feeling. Katimavik86 As the intro says, this is vun indispensable classic of the genre. I just find it impossible because it just sounds like a woman, plain and simple. Welcome back to Invisible Oranges - The Metal Blog It appears that you already have an account on this site associated with.

If you do, suddenly the album turns into an amazing, trancy dnu, that affect your subconsious as much as your musical ear. Some people wrote I copied these bands.

Alcest: 10 years anniversary of "Souvenirs d'un autre monde" | Special reissues out in September

It really shows Neige's range in vocal styles. I can go on and on about this CD, to me it is perfect in everyway. You can dyn feel what it is leading up to and the anticipation is brutal.

Before I begin to describe the mystery and wonder and beauty contained on this disc, I am duh to explain the scenario in which it was experienced:

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