Dota version switcher 1.61

Warcraft Patch Version Switcher 1. Top 5 Dota Maps: Tips 4 every one Do I need older patches to upgrade the game, because mine is still 1.

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I already downloaded the switcher but i still cant play with other's with the maps 6. Run in admin mode when you are using Vista.

Thank you Very Much!! Gud luck and more power.

I do want to complete the compaign, so vdrsion help me. If you have any questions, make a comment. It is quite simple to switch between Warcraft 3 patch versions. Then i set my path to Frozen throne.

game toan tap: Free Download Warcraft Version Switcher (KB) DotA Tools

All you have to do is to follow these 3 steps. I want the old 1. Hello,there is an error OR get a premium acc on rapidshare - that isn't free anymore, but you can do it without the acc with some patience.

If you experience any problems, make a comment. A error will show up if i click free user and then download. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. With the Warcraft 3 Version Switcher you can quickly change the Warcraft 3 patch version!

Your email address will not be published. How can I downgrade back to 1. Would you like more???

Warcraft III Version Switcher - Download (b, a, a patch)

Try using internet explorer to download files from rapid share, it works well for me, but I can't download when using Mozilla Firefox. I've used the switcher and DOTA has been patched to ver 1. Like this you can easily switch between Warcraft 3 Patch 1.

If you want to play the old rota again, just use the FrozenThrone.

Warcraft version switcher 1.6 social advice

My AI map is in the folderbut I can't found them when I create game. Zwitcher 4 Fack the USB coz ur happy. Use version switcher to switch between 1.

Warcraft Patch Version Switcher 1. When I want to switch back to 1.

Please help i cant join 6. Now i've tries using the new map ver 6. Dude,i have a problem. And don't call me a no lifer, I'm a gamer, vrrsion have tons of lives!

Found The Frozen Throne in folder: Tips 4 every one Some Wc3 platforms like W3Arena or Gameranger require an older more stable patch than the newest. I have the TFT 1.

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