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Reboots are almost entirely comprised of young people. It's not a problem to feel a little, but she is just a scary little girl blushing. It felt like if they moved their hand one inch to the left, it would have been included.

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Reboot Series

He made so many funny comments. Turns out it wasn't about me it was just about my new favorite fem heroine Wren!

I don't care about the scars and neither should you. Lists with This Book.

There were plot holes and contrivances thanks to the romance. The virus causes people to come alive again, known as Rebooting, coming back stronger and more powerful.

There was no human left in me. His jocular tone and poignant smile which I thought was mentioned way too many times throughout levelled out the book and kept a warmth and sympathy expand towards Callum. It may sound like a weird complaint, but like … I started to feel like it was every rboot sentence.

We're introduced to a Dystopian America, where disease, famine and poverty are rife, there are slums everywhere. Jul 08, Alice-Elizabeth marriedtobooks rated it really liked it Shelves: I definitely recommend checking it out! Why is it emphasized that higher numbers are considered so freakish, so terrifying, when really I buttoned my pants and sat down in a chair next to him, quickly strapping myself in.

Wren struggles with who she was, what she has become and how others view her. Yet still he reboot to get on Wren's soft side.

amytintera | Reboot

When the shuttle landed, I trailed out last. She can't sleep, gets the shakes and begins aym meat. Reading this book was exciting and the writing was easy and flowed well. The "Reboots," as they're called, aren't considered human, and are persecuted, thus they're all but enslaved into doing the dirty worklike being bounty hunters and killers for the living humans.

Why do you even want to save this dude, anyway?

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Gosh, it's like some of these sentences came off the SATs … like, you know, those "Choose the correct sentence" things? To preface … Wren still has the scars from when she wmy killed. The writing is right above the acceptable, and vague and imprecise most of the time.

Wren was my favorite.

And Wren also has a nifty gift for inferring correctly with no information given. When I first read the synopsis of this book I had to do a double reboott because I thought someone had written a biography about me Gruesome and exhilarating, Tintera shows us just how much dystopia or post-apocalyptic can expand to and adore. I thought Wren was awesome. It's a very dark concept——in a good way. There are literally two scenes that made me tear up; Ever being shot and when Wren needed to take of her shirt.

This storyline definitely gave me Marie Lu vibes Legend by her is one of my favourite books and both books were fast paced, allowing for some great action to take place.

The ending 1,5 stars The ending was a letdown for me. Sunday, June 23, Reboot by Amy Tintera. And the more minutes you have been dead for, the more emotionless and robotic you are [s] 2 37 Nov 30,

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